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Admixtures are prefect for your concrete, mortar and plaster mixes. Sometimes they are a necessity, whereas in other cases they serve to enhance the mix and make it easier for you by saving time, energy and money.

In general, they are used either before the mix is laid, added in the mix, or used after the mix has been laid (think Prep / Add / Finish).

With admixtures, choosing the right product can be critical to ensure you get the best result so if in doubt, contact the team at Cemix for expert advice.

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Super Primer
1KG , 4KG

CEMIX SUPER PRIMER is a water-based primer used for improving the adhesion of CEMIX products to smooth, dense and various non porous substrates. It is ...

bonding agents

1L , 5L , 20L , 210L

CEMIX MULTIBOND is a high performance latex bonding agent for bonding of a variety of products such as concrete, toppings, screeds, pavers, mortars an ...

1L , 5L , 20L , 210L

CEMIX CEMKEY CONCENTRATE allows the laying of new concrete screeds and renders, without the need to mechanically roughen the existing surface to obtai ...

1L , 5L , 20L , 200L

CEMIX ACRYLBOND is an acrylic water resistant modifier and bonding agent for concrete, mortar, plaster, repairs and floor toppings.

5L , 20L , 200L

CEMIX PROFLOR EMULSION is a modified co-polymer latex specially designed to be used as part B of Cemix Proflor trowel applied floor screed (Part A). U ...


1L , 2.5L , 5L , 20L , 210L

CEMIX CEMPLUS is a very active non-staining liquid which readily mixes with water to improve the workability and adhesion of cement mortar and plaster ...

600G , 1.5KG , 3KG , 6KG , 13KG

CEMIX MORTARFLEX Plus is a highly concentrated powder that will plasticise, increase open time, retain water, help prevent efflorescence, shrinking an ...

700G , 1.2KG , 2.5KG , 10KG

CEMIX EASYPLI powder has been formulated especially for the bricklayer and block layer who is looking for a high yield, low cost, plasticiser using a ...

15 KG

CEMIX PLIMORTAR is based on a plasticiser that has been used by contractors for over fifty years in Portland cement based applications. CEMIX PLIMORTA ...

20L , 200L

SUPERFLO 2000 SCC is a faster setting high-range water reducing admixture utilising new and superior polycarboxylate admixture technology for concrete ...


5L , 20L , 200L , 1000L

CEMIX REVEAL is a water based product developed for the production of decorative exposed aggregates to the horizontal surface of concrete. The retardi ...

2L , 5L , 20L , 200L

CEMIX R20 RETARDER is a ready to use waterbased, light green liquid, which reveals aggregate in fresh concrete by delaying the surface set, so that th ...


1L , 5L , 20L , 210L , 1000L

CEMIX ACCELERSET is a calcium chloride based accelerator used with Portland Cement mortars, renders and concrete where acceleration of the set and hig ...

waterproofing admixtures

1L , 5L , 20L , 210L

CEMIX LIQUID WATERPROOFING ADMIXTURE improves the waterproofing properties of Cement Mixes.

release agents

4L , 20L , 210L

CEMIX C.F.R.A. is a formwork release agent which is applied to the inner face of shuttering, formwork and moulds, before the casting of concrete. CEMI ...

4L , 20L , 210L

CEMIX A.P. R.A is a chemical release agent, amber in colour, which reacts with the cement to produce a smooth finish to concrete. CEMIX A.P. R.A is ap ...

4L , 20L , 210L

Spray or paint a thin coating of M.R.A., onto the casting surface of all forming before each pour of concrete. Care must be taken to ensure to avoid a ...


500ML , 5L , 10L , 20L , 210L

CEMIX CONCRETE CURE WATER BASED (WB) is a white, low viscosity wax emulsion which incorporates a special alkali reactive emulsion breaking system. Thi ...

5L , 20L , 210L

CEMIX RENDACURE is a resin emulsion which is applied to newly laid concrete surfaces to prevent moisture loss and to help ensure that the desired stre ...