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CEMIX CONCRETE CLEANER is the perfect solution for rapidly cleaning moss. mould, mildew and algae on hard surfaces around your home. CEMIX CONCRETE CLEANER is ideal for concrete surfaces like driveways, patios. Pathways, concrete walls, etc. Just spray the liquid and and leave tor 30 seconds. Then simply clean with water from the hose.


In a plastic sprayer or watering can, add 1 part of CEMIX CONCRETE CLEANER to 1 part of clean cold water. 5Lt. of cleaner will make 10Lt. Avoid contact with metal while mixing.


  • Apply diluted CEMIX CONCRETE CLEANER to dry surfaces. Wait at least 30-40 seconds before hosing off. Heavy growth or rough surfaces may require longer contact time before hosing off
  • Really heavy algal infestations may require brushing with a broom prior to hosing off with water, or may need a second application
  • Always spray treated areas with clean water after spraying
  • Immediately rinse off any over spray on desirable foliage
  • Thoroughly rinse out sprayers and watering cans immediately after use
  • Do not store the product in sprayer or watering can


Always test on an inconspicuous area first for surfaces that are susceptible to corrosion or bleaching cg. Fabrics, colour paving and untreated metal.


For porus surfaces, 1Litre of concentrated CEMIX CONCRETE CLEANER treats 4 square meter area.


  • Do not mix with other chemicals or household products. dangerous gases may be released
  • Do not use a high pressure hose when cleaning
  • Avoid contact with clothing – product contains a bleaching agent. Should contact with clothing occur, thoroughly rinse with copious quantities of water
  • Always re-seal container and store in a safe, dry, cool, dark place
  • Always store and transport in an upright position
  • Before disposing or recycling container, rinse out with water


  • Avoid contact with eyes — wear protective goggles
  • Avoid contact with skin — wear rubber gloves when diluting or spraying
  • Avoid spraying on desirable plant foliage
  • Do not allow the concentrated or diluted product to enter storm water drains. lakes and streams
  • Divert all wash water containing Concrete Cleaner away from drains and streams etc
  • If poisoning occurs, immediately seek medical attention or contact the National Poisons Centre in New Zealand: 0800 764 766

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